Home Terrain

Paul Robert’s signature collection.  A classic take on the modern farmhouse.

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Custom Collection Elements

Paul Robert Furniture
embossed leather >

Embossing leather is the art of producing raised patterns by rolling or stamping the design. We use pieces as decorative elements  to add an additional level of distinction.

Paul Robert Furniture
Woven Leather >

Woven Leather is just one of the many techniques that our craftspeople can use to add another level of intricacy and design to a Paul Robert piece.

Paul Robert Furniture
Antique leather treatment process

Certain leathers are hand treated to mimic years of use and the natural wear on the piece.

Paul Robert Furniture
Hair on hide

Hair on hide skins can be used to add a natural texture and design element.

Paul Robert Furniture
Leather patches

Patching leather areas add a distinctive texture, look and feel.